ENOR Symposia


2010: LipidomicNet and ENOR joint meeting; Munchen, 19-20 November (Organizing committee: L. Iuliano, M. Lagarde, G. Lizard, G. Schmitz, M. Wakelam)


2011: 1st ENOR Symposium; Rome, Italy, 22-24 September (local organization: L. Iuliano)


2012: 2nd ENOR Symposium; Dijon, France, 20-21 September (local organization: L. Bretillon, G. Lizard)


2013: 3rd ENOR Symposium; Swansea, UK, 19-20 September (local organization: WJ Griffiths)


2014: 4th ENOR Symposium; Coimbra, Portugal, 18-19 Septemeber (local organization: ML Sá E Melo)


2015: 5th ENOR Symposium; Bonn, Germany, 24-25 September (local organization: Dieter Lutjohann)


2016: 6th ENOR Symposium; Paris, France, 29-30 September (local organization: Charbel Massaad)

2017: 7th ENOR Symposium; Brussels, Belgium, 21-22 September (local organization: Giulio Muccioli)


2018: 8th ENOR Symposium, Bologna, Italy, 20-21 September (local organization: Maria Teresa Rodriguez Estrada and Vladimiro Cardenia)

2019: 9th ENOR Symposium, Edinburgh, Scotland,  19-20 September (local organization: Ruth Andrew, Mark Dixon and Natalie Homer)

(2020: postponed due to the COVID19 pandemic)

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