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Past meetings


2010: LipidomicNet and ENOR joint meeting; Munchen, 19-20 November (Organizing committee: L. Iuliano, M. Lagarde, G. Lizard, G. Schmitz, M. Wakelam)


2011: 1st ENOR Symposium; Rome, Italy, 22-24 September (local organization: L. Iuliano)


2012: 2nd ENOR Symposium; Dijon, France, 20-21 September (local organization: L. Bretillon, G. Lizard)


2013: 3rd ENOR Symposium; Swansea, UK, 19-20 September (local organization: WJ Griffiths)


2014: 4th ENOR Symposium; Coimbra, Portugal, 18-19 Septemeber (local organization: ML Sá E Melo)


2015: 5th ENOR Symposium; Bonn, Germany, 24-25 September (local organization: Dieter Lutjohann)


2016: 6th ENOR Symposium; Paris, France, 29-30 September (local organization: Charbel Massaad)

2017: 7th ENOR Symposium; Brussels, Belgium, 21-22 September (local organization: Giulio Muccioli)


2018: 8th ENOR Symposium, Bologna, Italy, 20-21 September (local organization: Maria Teresa Rodriguez Estrada and Vladimiro Cardenia)

2019: 9th ENOR Symposium, Edinburgh, Scotland,  19-20 September (local organization: Ruth Andrew, Mark Dixon and Natalie Homer)

(2020: postponed due to the COVID19 pandemic)

2021: The annual ENOR meeting was held September 16th-September 17th via Zoom, with talks and viewers from all over the world. Talks were both standard format, and also "rapid fire poster sessions". Download the program here. Peter Tontonoz (University of California, Los Angeles) and Jiang Xuntian (Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis). held plenary talks.

2022: The annual ENOR meeting was in September via Zoom with the important contribution of young researchers for the technical management (Dr Hanne Røberg-Larsen, Norway; Dr James Thorne, UK), with talks and viewers from all over the world. Download the program here.

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