New ENOR meeting in 2021!

September 16th (whole day) - September 17th (morning)

Registration fees: 20 € (one day) or 30 € (both days).

Plenary lectures and different types of oral presentations, including short oral presentations ("poster session") will take place.

Registration form (deadline August 31)
Abstract form (deadline extended to July 31!)

Special issue: The journal Steroids will invite for submissions from ENOR members who participate in the web meeting.



Left: Peter Tontonoz (University of California, Los Angeles) will give a plenary, Sep 16th (5 pm CEST)


Right: Jiang Xuntian (Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis). will give his plenary talk "Newborn Screening for Niemann-Pick C Disease" on Sep 16th (1 pm CEST)