ENOR 2021: A successful meeting!

The annual ENOR meeting was held September 16th-September 17th via Zoom, with talks and viewers from all over the world. Talks were both standard format, and also "rapid fire poster sessions". Download the program here. We are pleased to see that oxysterol research is thriving, and especially pleased to see the high quality and passion in the work of young scientists. In addition to being a stage for exciting research, ENOR is also a forum to meet and collaborate with other scientists. Therefore, we hope that our next meeting will be in-person!

Stay also tuned for a special issue from the meeting in Steroids (Elsevier).

"Rapid Fire" awards:
1 - FT8 : A. Websdale 150€
2- FT19: S. Ghosh 100 €
3- FT12: E. Staurenghi 50 €
Oral communications awards:
1- OC23: F. Ruiz 300€
2- OC22: L. Arendholz 200 €
3 - OC9: E. Yutuc 100 €


Peter Tontonoz (University of California, Los Angeles) and Jiang Xuntian (Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis). held plenary talks.